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Roadmap for 2021

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

This is the new Enable 2021 roadmap.

1) About the engine

We have completed the compatibility tests with PB2019R3 and the latest Enable Engine (0010 for PB2019R2, installed with Enable 2019, code 2020041, 2020042, 2020042A). We have tested the engine during the PB2019R3 beta phase without finding any issues. We have tested again the engine when the PB2019R3.2670 has been released.

So, if you are using:

- Enable Engine 0010 for PB2019R2

- PB2019R3 with both runtime 2670 and 2556

you don't even need to recompile your application: the engine will run automatically, whatever edition of the engine you are using.

Testing will continue with PowerServer 2021 and a new engine will be released if necessary.

2) About the tools (expected 2021.Q1)

Enable 2021 supports:

  • the Concurrent Users license model along with the traditional off-line license model.

  • A JSON Import/Export feature, for a greater integration option (including reusing translations in Web Applications).

Enable 2021 is built with PB2019R3 LTS.

3) About the Concurrent Users license model

This is an extract of the concurrent users license model definition:

  • It is an optional model, in addition to the traditional off-line model.

  • It is an on-line license, with support for temporary off-line mode.

  • It allows unlimited installations on the company's PCs and a specified number of concurrent users.

  • Keys are permanent and don't need to be regenerated/extended.

  • Simple "log-off" procedure in case the number of concurrent users is exceeded.


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