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PB Scrum

Improve your PowerBuilder Team’s productivity by leveraging the

Power of Scrum, the most spread and efficient Agile framework!

Our Scrum-certified consultants will: 

  • Assess your organization 

Scrum affects not only the development team, but the organization as well. It’s important to understand your company structure and the environment in which the product lives. 

  • Help you to organize the development process 

Scrum requires 3 roles: Development Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner. We will help you to identify these roles in your structure and prepare a customized and effective training program. If needed, we can team-up to provide support while the team gathers the necessary experience. 

  • Train your people 

We will train both the business side and the technical side with Scrum. The training aims to minimize the theoretical parts and focuses in introducing concepts that will be recalled during the Scrum Events. 

  • Follow you during the implementation 

A customized consulting plan will help your organization start Scrum as soon as possible, and will follow you in the important events, so that your Team will be able to be autonomous as soon as possible. 


Get in touch today for a free consultation to understand how to enact Scrum with PB

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