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The PB Open Program

Modernize PowerBuilder UI and Architecture 

An effective approach to bring PowerBuilder Skills and Applications to the next level

Leverage the Appeon Roadmap 
  • PB 2019 contains several new tools and a new editor (SnapDevelop), to create a Web API in a RAD approach:

    • Datawindow Converter, to convert Datawindows to C# 

    • Template projects o Scaffolding, to generate template code in an automatic and configurable way 

    • Web API tester

    Even though this is not an automatic migration, it’s very easy to use these tools to port business logic to C#

  • PB business logic (datawindows, data manipulation logic, embedded SQL), the core part of every PB application, can be migrated to a Web API with .Net Core, multi-platform and server-side. Now, with the PowerScript Migrator, it’s easy to convert PowerScript to C#!

Specifically created for PowerBuilder
  • Consulting, training, mentoring services, and reusable components specifically designed for PowerBuilder customers, to help them migrate to a new and modern architecture

Effective Approach 
  • You migrate the PB business logic (with our help and with PowerScript Migrator support)

  • We rewrite the UI that will call this newly migrated PB business logic

  • You control the progress of the migration:

    • Agile Project Management and Development services

    • UI specifications approved by you

Finally, the UI end-users are waiting for
  • Our technology stack allows us to create the UI of your dreams:
    Browser, Mobile, Mac, Multi-platform desktop cloud

  • Not only for a full migration: you can redesign a specific subset (e.g.: Mobile module, a Browser-based module and so on)

The PB Open Program

3 phases: Assess, Evaluate, Migrate

  • On-site consultancy to assess the application, the environment, the structure, the framework, the skills

  • Definition of a pilot implementation (smallest interesting subset to be migrated)

  • UI requirement specification for a pilot implementation

  • Migrate the first subset of PB business logic as Web API, based on the pilot implementation

  • Evaluate the effort to:

    • Build the pilot implementation

    • Train the PB development team to Web API migration

    • Mentor and support the PB development team

  • Upon approval: we rewrite the UI, according the specifications and linked to the Web API

  • Select a subset of the application (e.g.: a module, or a specific target, like the Mobile app, or a browser-based app)

  • Specify the new UI requirements and evaluate the UI rewriting effort (requires your approval)

  • Migrate and convert the PB business logic (with our support) while we rewrite the UI

PowerBuilderTV Webcasts

Connect to PowerBuilderTV to watch a replay of PB Open Program Webcasts


Different from a standard migration approach

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