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10613 Tallinn


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VAT no. EE102020386


+372 71 222 35

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Enable Roadmap:


  • Enable 2019, January 2020
    • Fully compatible with PB2019
    • Commandline support for Continuous Integration and batch processing
  • Enable 2019R2, after PowerBuilder 2019R2 release
    • Fully compatible with PB2019R2
    • UI Improvements: ribbon, themes, layout redesign
    • Author/Extractor integration
  • Coming next
    • Multi-user and floating user support, thanks to Web API backend (local, network and later cloud)
    • Pure C# Engine (for both PB and C#)




  • PowerBuilder, since version 4
  • PowerServer (web and mobile), since Appeon Web 2005
  • C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Transact SQL
  • Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, Informix, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ORM
  • DMS & workflow automation
  • Full Stack web development (frontend, backend)
  • Visual Expert, Visual Guard, PowerDesigner, Ascential Test, Jira
  • Client/Server, Distributed (N-Tiers), SaaS, Web Services, Mobile synchronization